Attorney. Journalist. Philanthropist. VENISHA.

Attorney and philanthropist Venisha Arnold is a Houston, Texas native she received her bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Houston. Her professional background includes work in law, media and public policy. Prior to starting her legal career Venisha has worked for media companies such as ESPN, Fox Sports Net, CBS Radio, ABC 13 and franchises in the NBA and NFL. She later went on to earn her law degree. While in law school Venisha worked in the Harris County District Attorney's Office. She is an attorney in Houston where her law practice focuses on litigation. 

In addition to her dynamic legal practice, in her spare time Venisha enjoys fitness and traveling. Her favorite motto is "Persistence is Everything!". She is an active philanthropist through the nonprofit she founded, Persistence is The Key, which focuses on education.  Venisha is also a freelance journalist & publicist through her media firm Arnold Communications. She credits all her success to her Faith in God and her very supportive parents. A fun little fact about Venisha, she graduated from the same law school as her Father.

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